Dallas 2021
IGSOSANA 14th Annual Convention | September 2-5, 2021
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Exposing students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts and develop a passion for it. Sponsored by IGSOSANA.
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Arise, All Sons
Sing praises to the Lord; And shout for joy with one accord; All Boys from far and near; Remember now the glorious days; At Oke-Are's gates; Whence we came and first sang our praise; Deo et Patriae..
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Excellence Capital Campaign

When you become a dues paying member, you are identifying yourself as a proud Grammarian who has a stake in the school’s future.

IGS Alumni Attires

You’ll stand out and look classy at the same time with this navy blue and gold-striped attire. Custom designed. Perfect fit for any fan who loves IGS

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When you become a dues paying member, you are identifying yourself as a proud Grammarian who has a stake in the school’s future.

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Your financial donation can make the biggest and most immediate impact to the current needs, enriching and empowering our Alma Mater. 

Arise All Sons of the Mountaineer

Welcome to the official website of the North American (USA, Canada, Mexico, West Indies) chapter of Ibadan Grammar School Old Students Association. 

The mission of the Ibadan Grammar School Old Students Association of North America is to foster a lifelong relationship between our Alma mater
and its old students. IGSOSANA is made up of old students who make a difference every day. You can find them in industry as entrepreneurs, 
technologists, medical doctors, social workers, nurses and in a multitude of other occupations. All IGS old students living in any part of 
North America are invited to get involved and become a registered member of our Alumni Association.

Invite a Grammarian

Do you know an old student interested in IGSOSANA? Would he or she like to informally speak with an alum or someone in the executive? Send out an invitation using this tool and connect the old student with IGSOSANA. We need every mountaineer to get involved. Let's make a difference together!

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Something on your mind? The IGSOSANA Forum is a place for respectful conversation and debate about our Old School related issues, ways to help and ways forward. A place to reminisce and go down memory lane together. A place to talk about the future and respond to the emerging needs of our dear school.

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You can make a gift to the IGSOSANA and you can designate the gift in honor of or in memory of someone special. Your gift will go a long way to provide much needed resources for a great education for current students of Ibadan Grammar School. Give TODAY!

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News & Events

We have several activities going on through the year. Keep up to date with our latest news, programs and events.


Prize-Giving Day

IGSOSANA gave a total of N250,000 at the
recently held prize-giving day...

Connecting to the World

Finally, IGS is about to get on the Information Super Highway, thanks to...

Jonathan French Awards

Dr. Jonathan Akin French exemplifies the
dedication to high academic achievements...

Quest Towards a Center of Excellence.

Leverage Technology – Open the School Community to plethora of information and knowledge resource. 
Leverage Old Students’ Network – Spreading & Sharing the Tasks.
Incorporate Elements of Sustainability.


Old students are making a difference every day

Membership is one of the simplest, most meaningful and most affordable ways to give back to our School.

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Our Charge

Meet Our Officials

The association is managed by a board of dedicated volunteer from all walks of life who are old students.
Their goal is to offer our alumni a focal point of support, event coordination and benefits.

Our Program Areas

Science 95%
Technology 90%
Engineering 80%
Mathematics 70%