Ibadan Grammar School Old Students Association of North America

What We Do

Current Programs

For over 13 years, IGSOSANA has been working to restore the glory of our Alma mater, Ibadan Grammar School. 
Explore our work to see the programs we create on behalf of the current students of IGS.

Science & Arts Education

Our main objective is to make IGS a center of excellence for STEAM Education in Nigeria vis; Science, Technology, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Mathematics.


We aim is to improve competitiveness in science and technology development through STEM activities and equipping the school with technology.


Our flagship project in 2015 was to build a 100 capacity Physics lab for the students at IGS and we continue to maintain it to date.

Sports & Educational Clubs

We support competition at IGS because we believe whole-heartedly that it can teach the students tremendous life lessons.

Student Development & Incentives

We invest in the students to empower them. We reward & recognize hard-working students with great performances in the classroom.

Teacher Development & Incentives

We celebrate the outstanding contributions teachers make by honoring them & by empowering them to deliver powerful lessons.