Current State at IGS

All is not well with the state of facilities and infrastructure at Ibadan Grammar School.
Vital and urgent help is needed to get the school out of the this state of disrepair.

  • General School Policy
  • Student headcount = 2817
  • Admission determined by Government
  • Average arms per class = 8
  • Average class size = 60
  • School size determined by govt.
  • 2 schools within the campus – Presently 1 Jnr school & 1 Snr. Schools
  • Limited support by the govt. but staff salaries paid by govt
  • Limited maintenance fund (grant) due to the school not paid by Government for the last 4 yrs – #0.8 – #1.2M/year.
  • No meaningful budget, virtually no revenue
  • Govt. reluctant to return schools to religious bodies or old students/PTA
  • 18 teachers are resident on the campus
  • Government recruits, post, and discipline staff & PTA appointed Teachers.
  • PTA levied ₦1,500 to recruit teachers, respond was poor only 8 teachers recruited.

Help us improve this conditions.

  • There are hostel blocks for males and females
  • Lots of renovation to make them habitable
  • Fixing of collapsed fence in many parts; attention is still needed between IGS and Anglican Grammar School, St. David’s High School and St. Luke’s College
  • Government responsible for maintenance of buildings but only done by Old Student Association
  • No official or certified catering services or facilities on the compound
  • Water supply – 2 functional boreholes
  • Toilet facilities – Two blocks/capacity 18 rooms one pit one modern grossly inadequate for 3500
  • Poor water supply to the toilets; attention urgently needed
  • A building built for Corpers (Corpers Lodge)

The current state of academics at Ibadan Grammar School

  • Academic performance is gradually improving
  • Over 55 % on average gain admission into tertiary institutions
  • Admission is centrally controlled through the Ministry of Education
  • Science Laboratory – Relatively in good shape, but Biology and Chemistry laboratories need to be renovated
  • There is no academic scholarship scheme but individuals and class sets had been assisting brilliant and indigent students.
  • Annual Prize giving day only sponsored by teachers and Old Student Association especially IGSOSANA
  • Limited career talks and open day
  • Government does not encourage charging fees
  • Incentives for teachers – Limited Old Student Association gave few teachers some token during prize giving ceremony

Help us improve this conditions.